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We can clean, sharpen and service most small rotary hand mowers. The motor filters will be stripped and cleaned, blade sharpened and balanced and where applicable an electric circuit safety flash test completed

Basic cost including sharpening £42.00 inc VAT (£35.00 + VAT) for push machines.

Basic cost for powerdrive machines including diagnostic report £60.00 inc VAT (£50.00 + VAT)

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As a general rule if you have an electric mower that is not running after change of fuses etc. or has been smoking in use then it is unlikely to be a viable repair. Motors are often upwards of a £100 and rarely worthwhile to change. We are happy to discuss but if you need a more formal inspection and strip down of the machine there will be an inspection charge of approx. 1 hour labour. It is not possible to get new brushes etc. for modern machines many of which have induction motors.