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Leigh Park Garden Machinery offers full in house workshop facilities, with over 30 years experience on everything from small 2 stroke engines up to large compact diesel tractors.
We split rotary mower services into two categories, dependent on machine size, but the basic service is the same. Larger machines are generally more complex and take longer to strip down, plus they have more expensive filters included in the service.

* Clean machine.
* Change engine oil, air and fuel filters, spark plug.
* Clean fuel system, carburetor and replace diaphragm where applicable.
* Check engine cooling fins and system.
* Sharpen blade.
* Check safety cut out systems
* Lubricate and adjust cables, drive system and belts. Clean and reassemble.
* Check blade is straight and cutting evenly.
* Treat fuel with fuel stabilizer/cleaner

Prices below
include all standard items like filters, spark plugs and engine oil but items like blades and belts where necessary will be charged as extra. Blade sharpening is included.

Up to and including 48cm (19") cut total cost of basic service is £132.00 inc VAT (£110.00 + VAT)

Larger machines of 51-54cm cut (20-22") is a total basic service cost of £144.00 inc VAT (£120.00 + VAT)

If your mower does not require a full service we can offer a "Get Going" only option, but the cost is dependent on what we find. Typically this costs in the region of £70-£90 inc VAT for most machines.

Book in by telephone on 01225 774202 or by emailing us at