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Eliet Primo petrol shredder for garden waste
Eliet Primo petrol shredder for garden waste
Our Price: £925.00 Inc VAT

In addition to its outstanding performance, the Eliet Primo is also extremely comfortable to use. With the wide feed-in opening, ergonomic feed hopper, large collection bag and the transport wheels.

The design of the Eliet machines focuses on durability, and ease of use with a reliable easy start Honda engine. The robust sheet steel frame that has been welded together with robotic accuracy is your guarantee for many years of chipping pleasure.
Spacious Feed Hopper: The large feed hopper on the Primo eagerly awaits kitchen and garden waste. The hopper also incorporates the handle for easy chipper manoeuvrability.
Collection Bag: The chippings are immediately collected in a large bag. You can therefore use the Eliet PRIMO to work in a tidy manner. You decide yourself where you want to have the chippings. The useful collection bag can be easily put into the compost container or spread around the bushes.
Large Wheels: The wheels that are fitted to an Eliet chipper are key components. The chipper is designed so that once in transport position, the machine is balanced in relation to the wheel axle. The large nylon wheels with a natural rubber tread ensure that you can comfortably navigate your Primo through the garden.

Ideal for domestic garden use or light contract work.


Engine selection 4,0 HP Honda GC135
Shreddable timberdiameter 35 mm
Chopping speed (cuts/min) 18.000
Capacity (full box/h) 8
Shredding technology Eliet Chopping PrincipleTM
Knives 6 RESISTTM knives (reversible)
Feed height 1200 mm / 48 inch
Collecting box capacity 60 L / 13 gallon
Chassis steel
Storage dimensions (LxWxh in mm/inch) 740x500x740 mm
 29x20x29 inch
Wheels (Ø x W / material) 200x50 full rubber tires
Transmission direct
Noise  dB(A) 109.8 dB(A)
Dimensions (LxWxH in mm/inch) 1380x500x1330 mm
 54x20x52 inch
Weight 32 kg / 71 pounds
Eliet Maestro petrol shredder for garden waste
Eliet Maestro petrol shredder for garden waste
Our Price: £1,249.99 Inc VAT

Aimed at the larger domestic garden the Eliet Maestro can quickly tackle most garden waste.

Robust Frame: Chipping wood is not a menial task. Here, a lot of power is unleashed inside the machine. A chipper only has a long operating life when no compromises are made in terms of quality and durability of the materials used. All of the Eliet chippers (small and large) are manufactured to the highest degree of craftsmanship. The Maestro is just one example of this. The steel shredding chamber is firmly welded to the tubular frame. The feed hopper of the Eliet Maestro has also been manufactured from steel.
Spacious Feed Hopper: The Maestro's feed hopper is a fast route to the blades. The operator will be amazed to find that he cannot feed the machine fast enough. Long openings underneath the feed hopper enable the operator to quickly check the content of the collection bag.
Low Noise: In the interests of the environment, Eliet always try to obtain harmony between the machine and its surroundings. The shredding chamber has a double wall in order to reduce the noise pollution from this chipper. The frame wall sound damping material dampens the drumming effect of the chippings on the wall. This action reduces the noise level by several dB.
Collection Bag: The fine chippings that the Maestro spits out form the basis for what will later be nutritional compost. These chippings are immediately collected in a large collection bag so that not one single chipping is lost. The content of one full collection bag (125 litres) is more than enough to fill one wheelbarrow. The chippings do not always have to be deposited in the compost container. They can also be applied as a fertile mulch layer underneath the plantings at the borders of your garden.
Large Wheels: The 'footwear' of the Eliet Maestro is pneumatic tyres with a 25 cm diameter, which is extremely beneficial when transporting the machine down the lawn or on an unpaved surface. The load carrying capacity of the tyres is several times greater than the weight of the machine. The machine thus feels comfortable and is extremely stable during chipping. The vibrations from the chopping action are absorbed by the pneumatic tyres.

Engine selection5,5 HP Elect. 380 V/3~ (4000W)
5,5 HP B&S Intek
Shreddable timberdiameter40 mm / 1,6 inch
Chopping speed (cuts/min)36.000
Capacity (full box/h)12
Shredding technologyEliet Chopping PrincipleTM
Knives12 RESISTTM knives (reversible)
Feed height1200 mm
Collecting box capacity125 L / 27,5 gallon
Storage dimensions (LxWxh in mm/inch)800x480x1040 mm
31x19x41 inch
Wheels (Ø x W / material)3.00 - 4/4 ply
dB(A)110 dB(A)
Dimensions (LxWxH in mm/inch)1380x640x1260 mm
54x25x50 inch
Weight50 kg / 111 pounds
Eliet Minor pro petrol shredder for garden waste
Eliet Minor pro petrol shredder for garden waste
Our Price: £1,990.25 Inc VAT

Aimed at the larger domestic garden and pro the Eliet Minor 4S can quickly tackle most garden waste.

The Eliet Minor smoothly combines a wide hopper for various types of waste with compactness and ease of use. Above all, waste is processed in an extremely safe manner. This is because the machine has a dedicated safety screen, a steel safety shield and a heavy-duty debris flap.

Robust Frame: Chipping is a real joy when you use a good machine. At Eliet, we do everything to ensure that you will derive this pleasure as long as possible. When you take your first look at the Eliet Minor, you will realize that this machine is designed to cope with rough handling. You do not have to have any concerns about the durability of the thick sheet steel frame.
Wide In-Feed: The black feed hopper guides the garden waste with wide branches into the chipper. Everything disappears behind the metal safety screen. Provided that the feed-in funnel does not become narrower, all branches continue to be fed in before being placed at the mercy of the blades.
Blade Shaft: If you remove the sieve screen from the machine, you will be confronted by the blade shaft with its twelve razor-sharp blades. The rotor with two bearing blocks is mounted in the shredding chamber. You will immediately note from the construction of this cutting device that this chipper will have no trouble at all in dealing with a lot of thick branches being fed in.
Safety: Children and small pets often are curious onlookers in the garden. The safety screen, however, keeps them away from potential danger.
Large Wheels: Large wheels are a true comfort, in particular, when the chipper needs to be driven over unpaved paths or uneven lawns. The machine virtually does not have to be lifted in the transportation position thanks to the excellent distribution of weight, which makes it extremely easy to drive the machine all the way down any garden.
Belt Drive: The blade shaft of the Minor has double bearings and is belt driven. This construction places the Minor in a class of its own in comparison with the smaller Eliet chippers. The separate rotor bearings enhance the durability of the chipper. Moreover, this construction is better equipped when it is subjected to heavy duty cycles. The transmission also absorbs the dynamic forces and increases the drive torque to be blade shaft.

Engine selection
6,5 HP Honda GX200
Shreddable timberdiameter45 mm / 1,8 inch
Chopping speed (cuts/min)24.000
Capacity (full box/h)16
Shredding technologyEliet Chopping PrincipleTM
Knives12 HS-steel (reversible)
Feed intake opening220x300 mm / 8,8x12 inch
Feed height750 mm / 30 inch
Chassissteel 2,5 - 3 mm / 0.10 - 0.12 inch
Wheels (Ø x W / material)pneumatic tyres 4.00 - 4/4 ply
Cutting width220 mm / 8,8 inch
TransmissionV-belt XPA 1600
dB(A)109 dB(A)
Dimensions (LxWxH in mm/inch)1250x520x1100 mm
49x20x43 inch
Weight65 kg / 144 pounds
Eliet Major heavy duty pro petrol shredder for garden waste
Eliet Major heavy duty pro petrol shredder for garden waste
Our Price: £2,950.00 Inc VAT

Aimed at the larger domestic garden and pro the Eliet Major 4S can quickly tackle most garden waste.

The Eliet Major is an appreciated tool by both the demanding private garden lover and the professional. This chipper is compact and light, which allows it to access the wood even when having to go through the smallest of rear gates. The wide feed-in opening offers great comfort when introducing tick branches with lots of twigs attached measuring up to 55mm.

Robust Frame: A professional machine must have the quality that is needed to match its purpose. That's why Eliet firmly decided to choose an all-welded frame that is manufactured from high quality steel plate and that is fully welded.
Wide Intake: Unlike its smaller brother (the Minor), the Eliet Major has a much wider feed-in opening. The integral guide funnel is useful for feeding several branches into the machine at the same time.
Razor-Sharp Blades: 20 razor-sharp blades chip all kinds of garden waste into nice chippings. Moreover, you can reverse the blades so that they last twice as long. The patented Eliet Chopping Principle™ ensures that the blades cut the wood in the fibre direction, which requires a lot less power than the chipping systems that are known everywhere. The blades also attain an utmost wide action field and, thus, guarantee that everything is chipped without fail before it leaves the crushing chamber.
Belt Drive: Everything on this professional machine is designed to have a long operating life. Eliet therefore decided to have the engine power transmitted via a belt transmission. When encountering obstacles, the impact of a sudden blockage is absorbed by the belt and not by the crankshaft of the engine. This prevents fatigue of the crankshaft that, in turn, extends the operating life of the engine.
Large Wheels: All Eliet chippers feature everything for easy manoeuvrability. The large wheels on the Eliet Major immediately attract your attention. During the work, the pneumatic tyres ensure that the vibrations are optimally absorbed, so that the machine is more stable.

Engine selection
9,0 HP Honda GX 270
Shreddable timberdiameter55 mm / 2,2 inch
Capacity (full box/h)2,4 m³ chips/hour
Shredding technologyEliet Chopping principleTM
Number of knives20 HS-Steel (reversable)
Feed intake opening350 x 300 mm (L x W) / 14 x 12 inch
ChassisSteel 2.5 - 3 mm
TransmissionV-belt Gates Guard Power XPA 1600
Hour meteroption
dB(A)111 dB(A)
Dimensions (LxWxH in mm/inch)1290x630x1280 mm
51x25x50 inch
Weight120 kg / 265 pounds
Eliet Prof 5 heavy duty pro petrol shredder for garden waste
Eliet Prof 5 heavy duty pro petrol shredder for garden waste
Our Price: £4,550.00 Inc VAT

Aimed at the Pro market the Eliet Prof 5 can quickly tackle most garden waste and shredding of branches up to 80mm.

The model listed is the basic model without drive etc, and please contact us for pricing on the various options available.

Eliet introduces the Prof 5, the successor to the Prof 4, the entry-level model for the garden professional. The Prof 5 has numerous configuration possibilities which enable the garden contractor to configure the machine according to his specific needs and budget. In this way, one can opt for a model with or without a feed roller, with or without wheel drive. In addition, Eliet implements 2 new features.
Blow Chute: For the first time Eliet offers the possibility of installing a blow chute for the removal of chips. What is interesting about this blow chute is that Eliet integrated a genuine blower turbine into the design so that the machine has a powerful discharge system. In contrast to many other shredders on the market that have chip-discharge blowers, the Prof 5 can also handle damp natural trimmings very well and with hardly any danger of blockage of the turbine. By integrating a genuine blower turbine, the Prof 5 benefits from a suction effect through the feed hopper. This ensures that the feeding of leafy natural trimmings goes much more smoothly because the material is, as it were, sucked into the shredding chamber.
Feed Roller: The Prof 5 is also available with the option of a hydraulic feed roller. This significantly increases the output of the machine. You only have to feed the wood in, and then the machine conveys it inside by itself. The force with which this feed roller does its work leaves even the most twiggy branches no chance at all. Large volumes of leafy trimmings are also mercilessly fed to the blades. One can manually adjust the rotation of the feed roller (reverse - feed - stop). This operating governor is next to the feed-in opening and is thus always within reach as an emergency stop.
Abm System: The Eliet PROF 5 in the Blower version (B) has an additional option, namely an ABM system (Anti-Block Motor), also used in the Eliet Super Prof 2000. This ingenious system fully autonomously regulates the feed speed. A sensor meticulously controls every change in the revolutions of the engine. When the engine RPM suddenly slows, the ABM electronics will respond accordingly by briefly reducing the speed of the feed roller. While the machine shreds all the wood, regulating itself, you can simply continue to work without keeping an eye on the machine.
Impeller: Natural trimming chips are not discharged on the basis of the removal force of the blade system, but are carried away by the powerful airflow generated by the 330 mm blade turbine.
Feed-In Funnel: The PROF 5 is a full-blooded green waste processor. Garden contractors mainly have to deal with voluminous natural trimmings primarily from hedges, shrubs, bushes, plants ... thus the Prof 5 becomes their indispensable partner. By means of the wide feed-in opening (560 mm x 520 mm) with auxiliary feed, there is no problem feeding in large amounts of green waste. The feed-in funnel does not reduce further in size in the direction of the blade axis.
Stable Wheel Base: The Prof 5 is constructed from a strongly welded frame and rests on a couple of large tires. With a wheel base 780 mm wide, this shredder is extremely stable even if one temporarily deviates from the beaten tracks. The large swivel castor wheels enable the PROF 5 to easily navigate through narrow garden passageways. The machine is equipped with a parking brake for maximum safety while working and during transport.
Engine Clutch: The Prof 5 B version is equipped with a blade clutch. The advantage of this is that one can start the engine in idle which is beneficial for the life span of the starter motor. Furthermore, the blower turbine can be turned off in this way in order to safely drive the shredder. The blade system is also blocked when the clutch is disengaged.
Eliet Resist™ Blades: The blades that are fitted to the Prof 5 are not ordinary steel blades. The Prof 5 is designed to operate at least 8 hours a day. The blades have been specially designed so that their blade life matches the workload and duty cycles. A special steel alloy and refined thermal treatment of the cutting edges have resulted in blade life being at least doubled. It is therefore only logical that these blades have been given the name Resist™.
Electric Starter: For the Prof 5 B, Eliet opted for a 14 HP Subaru Robin engine because of its favourable torque curve. This modern engine has OHC (Overhead Cams) technology which enables higher compression in the cylinder which translates into better performance. The camshaft is driven by a chain for very precise valve timing and again more stable functioning. The engine comes standard with an electric starter.
Wheel Drive: Your comfort was the priority that was top of our engineer's minds when they designed the wheel drive. You cannot simply move a shredder weighing 350 kg wherever you want. So the Prof 5 is also available self-propelled. Each of the two drive wheels is equipped with a powerful hydraulic motor. If you purchase the self-propelled version, then you will be able to navigate any rugged terrain or slope with the greatest of ease. The swivel caster wheels provide the necessary manoeuvrability for weaving between obstacles in gardens, parks and woods. A handlebar mounted lever allows you to change forward or reverse speeds with a simple flick of the wrist. The further you move the lever forwards or back, the faster the machine moves in the chosen direction